Gearing up for Harvest

I am super excited to be writing the first blog entry for King Fresh! On Thursday, we concluded our seventh season of CSA. This is a branch of the business that certainly keeps us busy throughout the summer! As my dad and uncle farm, which is where we get our hazelnuts, they have been active all throughout the past month and beyond, pruning the orchards--mostly the younger trees. This is a huge job and I really can't fathom that they do all the work on the farm by themselves; hazelnut trees account for seventy-five of their overall acreage. Now, as we look out into the orchards, they are pruned and prepped for harvest. We have about forty acres of producing trees, and in those orchards you'll see gravel laid, to alleviate mud & ruts, swept rows for a nice clean area that the nuts will fall onto, and tote boxes placed for harvest. Harvest is an exciting time and we will begin here in a couple of weeks! It is also a time when my mom, sister, and I will be doing some forecasting on how many thousands of pounds of nuts to keep out for King Hazelnuts! As we have been working diligently on expanding the number of retail and specialty shop locations that carry our hazelnuts, forecasting is very important!

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