Hazelnut Harvest - A Very Exciting Time of Year!!

October is always an exciting time of year around the farm! Not only does that bring on the cooler Fall days, but that means that hazelnut harvest will soon be in full swing. The orchard has been carefully prepared for harvest, this is a year round job from pruning trees and weed control to keeping the orchard floor level and clean. Harvesting is done mechanically with a few different pieces of equipment.

Once the nuts have fallen, they are swept into rows.

A picker hooked up to the back of tracker with a wooden tote behind it sweeps up the nuts where they fall into the wooden tote.

Once the tote is full, a tractor with forks on it brings an empty tote to replace the full one. The full tote is taken up to be placed on the truck to go to the cleaner. The hazelnuts are then taken to be cleaned and dried.

Our processing area at the farm is now stacked full of totes with hazelnuts ready to be sized, cracked and sorted so we can flavor them!

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