New Equipment Excites Us!

We have always been very proud of the fact that Kristin, my mom, and I do every single step of processing, by ourselves, with our own nuts, with the exception of washing and drying. With that pride, however, comes lots and lots of work!! Once my dad and uncle harvest the nuts, we size, crack, sort, flavor, roast, apply labels, and package by hand!! Until we are large enough to justify getting all automated equipment, this is how it will be. Each of those steps is a significant amount of labor and time, but still something we all three enjoy and love doing. Last week we were beyond excited to purchase an automated sealer! With this, we are no longer hand sealing every single bag with a crimp sealer. We can put each bag into the heated belt sealing system and it is all done for us--hallelujah!! Not only does this speed up the process, but each bag is now getting a more secure and even seal, which is great when our bags are being shipped and handled.


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