In the Orchard

     The hazelnuts we process and package are grown by King Family Farms Inc. Young trees take constant care such as pruning, fertilizing, spraying, and maintaining the quality of the orchard floor.
     October is generally when harvest starts for us. The hazelnuts will drop onto the orchard floor and they will then be swept into rows. The harvester and conveyor system, pulled by a tractor, pick up the nuts and they are dumped into wooden totes.
     After the washing and drying processes, we store totes and are able to process from there. The first  step in processing is sizing. Our sizer has adjustable tapered rollers that places nuts into different sizes. This is important so that the cracker is more efficient and has to be adjusted less often. After cracking, we run the nut and shell mixture through an aspirator which separates the shells from the meat. The convener belt on the aspirator will run the meats right into a box that we can place into cold storage until we are ready to process in the kitchen.